Road Rage Hero

My friend Glen & I were chatting with another friend, Hardy, who shared a crazy story with us.

Following a hockey game last week involving his son (16 years old, or so), a few boys from the opposing team decided that they didn't like a particular boy on Hardy's son's team.  They could be heard shouting in the parking lot: "Let's get him..." Hardy next saw the group of boys tear out of the parking lot in their car in hot pursuit, hockey sticks in hand.

Most people at this point would get in their cars and drive home.  Some people would call the police.  Hardy took it one step further and decided he would do his best to protect the young man on his son's team and to try and reason with the group of road-raging boys. He managed to catch up with them at the first stop light and had a word with the boys including letting them know that he had called the police. This diffused the situation and everyone went home.  Hardy's attitude was to help all the boys before they did something really foolish, and his firm yet caring approach worked!

Although we would never encourage people to put themselves in harm's way, this is another fantastic example of good character in our city.  It's people like Hardy and acts like this one that make Abbotsford one of the best places to live on the planet!

Thanks Hardy for sharing your story, not knowing it could end up here :), and for being a great example for all of us.