Youth Forum 2012

175 people shared something very special together on Friday, Oct. 19th!

24 middle & secondary schools sent 5 student and 1 staff rep to attend the first annual Abbotsford City of Character Youth Forum!  Zack Melhus MC'd the event, Mayor Bruce Banman welcomed the group via video, Olympic Bronze Medalist Sophie Schmidt was the keynote speaker (pictured above), Canadian Idolist Amy Klassen and ASIA student Kiera Ventor provided the musical entertainment, and Abbotsford Character Council members led students in exercises to introduce the 6 values and create action plans.  The event was attended by many community leaders including Deputy Mayor Simon Gibson, Trustees Stan Peterson, Cindy Schaefer, & Shirley Wilson, Superintendent Kevin Godden & Assistant Superintendents Steve Carlton & Mary-Anne Smirle, Fire Chief Don Beer, and Deputy Police Chief Rick Lucy.

The most important goal of the Abbotsford City of Character Society is to promote and profile the six values, chosen by a group of 70 diverse community leaders in April of 2011, in every corner of our society.  Our community took a huge step forward in this regard as 140 student leaders first learned and discussed the six values and then worked together to create action plans for their own school communities.  Here are the headlines from 5 action plans:

Matsqui Elementary
Create a character leadership club

Clayburn Middle
Character Day in Clayburn

Abbotsford Traditional Middle
Raise awareness to shelter the homeless

Abbotsford Christian Secondary
Introduce and promote the character initiative

Yale Secondary
Develop the 6 character traits / Cultivate a community of character

How exciting to see our community's young working together to practice good character more, and promote character values everywhere.

Are you encouraged??