Way to go Mt. Lehman Elementary!!

A report from Mt. Lehman Elementary School submitted by Principal Antifaeff

Our Character Club received a City of Heroes Award for our character plan and received $200 to help put the plan into action. Two of our students attended the City of Heroes ceremony to accept the award.

Each class in the school has taken on one of the values of the City of Character and they are taking turns presenting them at assemblies.  So far, our Grade 2/3 class has presented respect by making "Sparkles" for students in the school saying what they respect about that student.  Our Grade 1/2 class presented responsibility by writing about things they would commit to do that show responsibility and reading their pledges at an assembly.

Our Character Club is busy with the service project aspect of the City of Character values.  So far, they have promoted a coin drive where classes are competing to see which class can bring in the most money.  This money will be donated to the paediatric ward of the Abbotsford Hospital.  These students and some of their peers are also learning more about pediatrics so they can make an informed decision about where they want to focus the funds they are donating.  They have plans for more fundraising opportunities between now and June.

Our Character Club was also excited to visit the Abbotsford School District for a public Board meeting where they talked about the project and our progress to date.  Here is a link to the write-up from the Board meeting http://www.sd34.bc.ca/sites/default/files/Board_News-Jan15-2012.pdf

Peggy Antifaeff