Applying Character in Difficult Times

Jenn Schotts | @abbynews |
The month of March marks the 2 year anniversary of my daughter's complete release from a six month stay at BC Children's Hospital and recovery from Acute Myeloid Leukemia. To say that this disease has had a tremendous impact on the lives of our family, would be an understatement. This impact, however, is not always as negative as one may think.

As a member of the City of Character executive, I often think about our core 6 values, and the role that they play in my everyday life.

Courage: of my brave, and brilliant 7 year old daughter and her sweet brothers.

Empathy: of the fellow parents in the oncology ward at BCCH who always took the time to ask how Sydney was doing during treatment while their own families suffered through such tough times.

Service: from the outstanding team of doctors and nurses, and entire team at BCCH who never seem to tire of offering the most incredible customer service you could even imagine.

Respect: for our healthcare system, our bodies own ability to heal, and the ways that cancer treatment has changed and is still changing in recent years.

Integrity: of my close friends and family who kept their word and were always there for us

Responsibility: that a parent has to their child(ren) to maintain a positive outlook a happy disposition to make challenging times easier for them.

I am a proud member of the Abbotsford City of Character council and am thrilled to do my best to carry out the six City of Character values as so many have done for me.

~ Jenn Schotts | @abbynews |