Giving Back to the Community (AYC)

The Abbotsford Youth Commission’s Youth Drop-In center located at MRC showed their support for the Abbotsford City of Character in February by giving back to their community. The Youth Focus program is a group of youth who demonstrate leadership qualities in the youth center and who are striving to learn and develop their leadership skills. The youth each selected an organization, within walking distance of the MRC, which they believe demonstrates one or more of the City of Character values. They each hand painted a rock with the City of Character word of their choice and wrote a small speech explaining why they believe the organization demonstrates the characteristic. Together they selected the following eleven community organizations:

MRC front desk staff
MRC lifeguards
Christine Lamb Center
Upper Fraser Valley Developmental Preschool
Howe Middle School
Mouat Secondary School
Abbotsford Fire Department
Abbotsford Police Department
Victim Services
Abbotsford Youth Commission

When the youth presented the ‘service rock’ to the preschool, the teacher was nearly moved to tears.
She thanked the youth profusely for taking the time to recognize their organization. At the Abbotsford
Police Department, our youth representative even asked for more members of the police force to
come listen to her speech because she felt that passionately about their commitment to demonstrating
courage in our community. All of the youth involved in this project came back from hand delivering
their rocks with a sense of pride and accomplishment; they felt proud of themselves for taking the time
to serve their community, even in the smallest way.